I can not believe it but it is finally the week of my reason to run.  To run the Chicago Bank of America marthon for St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.  I could not do it without all of my friends and family’s support.  I had 34 people donate to help me reach my financial goal…THANKS!  I also want to thank my friends and family who supported me through my training.  It has been tough but soooo worth it.  I have come to appreciate what I have and one is to include mine and my family’s health. I personally had a health scare with a chest wall  “lump” removed which turned out to be benign but waiting for the test results was a very anxiety ridden time.  I also have become so much more aware of how LITTLE money goes to childhood cancer research. How many kiddos are affected by childhood cancer and how St. Jude’s has and can give more kiddos and families HOPE with more funding for treatment and research.

Soooo this sunday was my last long run of 10 miles prior to marathon.  I could not have asked for a prettier day.  It was almost perfect.  It was 60 degrees and a little windy with the most beautiful colors.  I ran to the boat launch and back.  The only downside was that I have not replaced by shoes and my  right knee was hurting alittle and so I had to do that after the run along with get my son Chase homecoming clothes because he is going with a girl!!!! 🙂

I can’t go into details about that for fear he will disown me but I am so excited for him and can not believe that he is actually old enough to go to his first homecoming dance.  He is going on Friday and Kim will be here to experience that with us. 🙂  KIM my sole sista will be here Thursday evening…EXCITED!!!

Yeah my sole sista is coming in on Thursday.  I have to leave for a conference for work in Big Rapids until Thursday afternoon so I have warned her that my house will be a mess. 🙂  Rob and the kids without me = messy home!  So this is one busy week for me.  I also started a new grad course.  Oh well it is what it is!!  If kiddos and their families can work, go to school, and try to kick cancer’s booty than I can do all of this with a smile on my face. 

I am so stinkin EXCITED to run  for a reason this Sunday!  I can not explain to everyone in words how much this has helped me to grow as a person as well as I HOPE have increased awareness in other’s around me.  We can all make a difference.  You never know how your actions impact others.  If you have been following my blog you know that I know HOPE is winning! I would not be where I am today without those people giving me hope! I do know that one thing that came from me running for a reason is most of my friends will at least know that funding for childhood cancer research is crap and that it is not a rare childhood disease and they all know about Rockstar Ronan!  IF you don’t check out his website…He died in the dawn of his life because of cancer…. 

So my reason for running is coming to life on Sunday I am running for St. Jude’s Research Hospital.  If you have not donated and want to donate please click on my link

This gnome says it all.  Cancer you can suck it!  You take too many kiddos away when they are in the dawn of their life!  You took my dad away from me and I have many friends I know who have kicked or are trying to kick your booty!!!  So I will run this marathon to help you give you a swift kick where the sun don’t shine!  I will run to create awareness about what a freakin b*t*ch you are!!!! I will run because that is what I do!  So this blog and marathon might be coming to an end but my battle against making a difference will continue!  I know HOPE is winning and if everyone tried to make a difference this world could be pretty amazing!!!

Thanks again to everyone whose has supported me.  I can not write in words how I truly feel but this was an amazing journey. This mama is one tired mama but will probally end up doing this again!  🙂 

So thanks for following my running for a reason.  I will do one FINAL update after the run so everyone knows how my marathon went… 🙂  Angi

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